About Connecting Hearts
Connecting Hearts is an online Trading Card Game based on the Kingdom Hearts Series.
The aim is to collect all the cards available, or those from your favourite decks. As you collect cards you can progress through the levels.

With Connecting Hearts you don't need to have your own website to display your cards, everything is done through the members area.

Decks & Cards

Each deck name has two parts, the game its from and the deck name. On character and scene cards, the game is in the top left corner, and the deck name is across the bottom. For Puzzle cards, the game is in the top left corner of card number 1, and the deck name is across the bottom of cards 16 to 20

Unlike most TCG's, Connecting Hearts only has normal cards. Normal cards are broken down into sub categories, Character, Scene and Puzzle

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Decks normally have 20 cards. Some normal decks are split across multiple sets, these will usually end in either A,B,C, etc. (i.e. The KH Days Opening Deck consists of KH Days Opening A, KH Days Opening B, KH Days Opening C)
As each is a separate deck, you can get multiple mastery rewards. (i.e. The KH Days Opening deck consists of 3 decks, so 3 lots of rewards)

Coupons & Heart Points

Connecting Hearts has two types of currencies, coupons and heart points. Both types can be obtained from games and donationss.

Coupons allow you to select a card of your choice at the coupon exchange.

Heart points are used to purchase cards at the shop and some games require them.


In Connecting Hearts you level up by collecting cards. The card amount required to level up is based on the total amount of cards you have

When you level up you are able to receive a prize. Each level grants you two choice standard cards and 2 random standard cards


If you have collected all the cards in a deck then you are considered to be a master of that deck.

2 Choice Normal, 1 random normal

You can refer your friends to play this game. When signing up they need to put your name as the referrer. When they do you will be granted 1 choice normal coupon, 2 random normal cards

Site Stats

Total Decks: 123 - 81 released, 8 made, 34 unmade
Total Cards: 2460 - 1620 released, 160 made, 680 unmade
Total Master Badges: 194
Total Members: 3
Total Cards Issues: 1255